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Web Design and Development
Web content compatible for multiple Devices
Desktops , Tablets & Smartphones
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Content System Manager
Custom CMS solution
or Open Source tools
to help you update easily your web content.
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Web Applications
Development of Cross Platform applications for Desktops or Mobile Devices
Smartphones & Tablets
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Training & Courses
Webdesign Training and courses in HTML5, CSS3, ActionScript
and Webdesign tools & softwares

CMS - Content System Manager

Updating your website along with your activity is a must to keep your website alive and gain more visitors. A Content System Manager is the tool that will let you update your website content and pages, through a private online secure back-end interface. With it you will be able, for instance, to update news or set up calendar events, add articles, etc, in a simple way.

Project Cocoon can help you install Open Source CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, or develop custom tools for specific needs with our own custom CMS.

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